Client Reviews

"As a professional athlete, I take my diet and training very seriously. Jack was an integral piece in helping me reach my strength and weight goals. I deadlifted well over 500Ibs and got my weight above 220Ibs for the first time in my life. I now have a firm understanding of how to lift heavy loads with proper form. I highly reccomend Jack's Training System to anyone serious about their strength endeavors"

Christian Meister:

Professional Pitcher                       

"Jack's knowledge of what it takes to be an elite athlete is why I trust him to writ my programs. He has helped me develop a plan to get to where I want to be, and is there to answer any questions I have. Although he knows a lot, he continues to learn from other professionals in the industry, something I think is vital to a strength coach. Jack is also one of the strongest people I know. He walks the walk, unlike many coaches out there. On top of that, he knows the attributes to make me a better baseball player".

Colton Sakamoto: College Hitter

"I've been working with Jack for a couple of months now and have seen by far the most improvement in strength, recovery, and body awareness. His program is far better then anything else I've done. he has helped me get stronger while staying healthy and getting more mobile. Also has taught me the importance of eating and sleeping".

Pablo Toranzo

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