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5 Reasons to Deadlift

5 Reasons To Deadlift

  1. Train your core - Your “Core” is used to stabilize your body, by allowing you to maintain correct posture during movement. The muscles that make up the “Core” are rarely ever used for flexion, so they should be trained in this manner. While most people choose to use crunches to train their core,there is nothing like heavy compound movements such as the deadlift. It is during these movements where your core is fighting to maintain posture against a significant amount of weight.

  2. Train your back- If you look around at the great they pullers never have small back muscles. They have massive erectors, traps, and lats. This is because the deadlift trains the whole posterior chain from the calves all the way up to your trap muscles. If you want a big strong back try to deadlift double bodyweight for reps.

  3. Train your grip - Many people can’t deadlift much weight because their grip is too weak to hold onto heavy weights. This is because most people chose to train their grip by using a rice bucket to move through flexion and extension exercises. The load from moving rice around or using bands is not is great enough to truly gain grip strength. There is nothing like holding onto 500 pounds for reps to build a powerful grip.

  4. Bang for your buck- Deadlifts use so many different muscles of the posterior chain: the whole back, hamstrings, glutes, grip, calves and even your quads. By picking one exercise that works so many different muscles, you don’t need to do a variety of small isolation exercises, instead you just need to do one exercise with good form and high intensity.

  5. Gain Mass- Deadlifts are one of the greatest mass gaining exercises because of the amount of muscles used, a large range of motion and the high amount of weight you can use.

Send me a video of your technique and get yourself dialed in to pull big weights.

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