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Jack Scheideman started his athlete career as a shot-putter at Roosevelt High School and later receiving a scholarship to throw at the University of Washington. Putting up an impressive 655 pound back squat, 705 pound deadlift, 465 pound bench press and an 170 kilo power clean. He soon realized his passion was in the weight room not always in the ring.

Turning his passion into a career and started working at Driveline Baseball an elite level training facility.

Gaining valuable information in the art of coaching and programming, and deciding to take this information and start his own business. With online training and personal training, Jack can take complex strength, nutrition and conditioning questions into simple solutions that fit your goal. Creating individual programs that not only fit your goals but your lifestyle.  Creating his model “back to the Basics”, Jack can help teach you the basics of strength and conditioning. Instead of following the latest trend or fad, he will be able to teach you the basics of technique with simple progression that have lasted the test of time. Learning this information will help you achieve your current goal and use this information for the rest of your life. Navigate the site by reading his blog, signing up for online training/personal training and feel free to send him any questions you have.  

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